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"Whether you love the program from the beginning or struggle with it all the way through, my hope is for your personal growth. I hope you evolve in your perceptions of our world. The world of business. The world of culture. And most of all, the world of You. I hope you expand your appreciation of languages, customs, cuisines, cultures, and, of course, the wines they have cultivated for centuries. Go. Expand your palate. "

- Catherine Hanley, Director, E.V.E. Abroad

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Catherine Hanley – Director of Program Development

Catherine has nearly 20 years of experience in the educational services sector focusing specifically on international education. With organizations including EUSA and The AIC, she has worked with more than 70 colleges and universities to design and deliver customized internship programs in London, Dublin, Madrid, Paris, Geneva, Boston, NYC, San Francisco, Toronto and Singapore. She is founder and director of EVE Abroad, the first study abroad organization to focus specifically on wine business and agritourism, which allows students to study in more rural and culturally authentic locations. She grew up on three continents, has traveled to more than 50 countries and holds an Ed.M. from Harvard University's Graduate School of Education.


Bernadette Hanley – Italy Outreach Coordinator
Bernadette served two decades as an officer in the U.S. Army Signal Corps honing crucial organizational, leadership and communication skills.  She holds a BS in Communications Media and MS in Telecommunications.  She has lived abroad for more than a quarter of her lifetime and currently resides in Italy where she focuses on expansion of vineyard-based internship placements in the region.


Aden Hayes – Advisor Spain and Portugal Wine Regions
Dr. Aden Hayes has worked in Madrid for more than 20 years, first as the resident director of two U.S. university study abroad programs, then as the managing partner of Comunicación Sin Fronteras public relations. He served for 18 years as the internship director of Boston University's Madrid Program and is the Executive Director and Founder of the Foundation for Practical Education. He has published both academic and popular books in English and Spanish and holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University.


Spain Program - Delivery Team

Angel Moreton – Northern Spain Provider
Expert in Spanish Gastronomy and member of the Gastronomy Council of Castilla y León Region, Angel brings more than a decade of experience in food, wine and hospitality to introduce students to the Spanish wine industry, sensory analysis and Spain culture. He holds degrees (Law and International trade) from the University of Valladolid and was the representative of the Castilla y Leon Trade Commission in Miami and New York. He has led different projects including the International School of Culinary Arts and has served as a professional judge in some of the most prestigious culinary and wine Competitions in Europe.

Charlotte Wilmot – Founder Rondalingua, Spanish Programme Director

Charlotte brings a background in hospitality and personnel management combined with more than a decade of living in Spain and creating customized study abroad programs. She and her husband, Jaime, founded Rondalingua and work as a team to deliver highly customized programs. Through her community involvement in her home of Ronda, she takes on responsibilities for foreign residents and local commerce that has enabled her to create excellent networks within the local business community that strengthen the experiential component of a Ronda-based study abroad experience.


Italy Program - Delivery Team

Ylenia Sambati - Puglia, Italy Program Manager
Ylenia founded her company YLTour in 2000 to tailor innovative travel experiences and corporate events that highlight the culture and traditions of Southern Italy with a focus on wine, food, and the slow life. Born in Lecce, she has traveled internationally and lived in France where she studied Laurea in Lingue e Letterature Straniere at Facoltà di Lingue e Letterature Straniere and Liceo Linguistico Europeo Oxford. After traveling, she always returned to Puglia and now lives permanently in Lecce and enjoys yoga, riding her horse, and focusing on her family and friends. Energetic and passionate about sharing the joys of Puglia, Ylenia helps orchestrate regional and community efforts to increase the global profile of Puglia as a superb travel and wine travel destination. Ylenia has over a decade of experience in the travel industry and a lifetime of experience with Puglia. She and her expert team are on call 24/7.

Michele Pasero – Puglia, Italy Program Management Team
Michele founded South Productions in 2000 to organize corporate and cultural events in the Puglia area and to provide companies with television broadcasting, video editing, and web services. In 2010 he also founded a Salentoglam.TV to share interesting news and events of the region.   Born in Naples, he moved to Lecce with his family and has always loved living in the south of Puglia. For 20 years he worked as a journalist for the most important and influential radio/television broadcasts in Puglia. Since 1998 he has organized an annual jazz festival in Lecce, JazzinPuglia, which hosts international artists (www.jazzinpuglia.it) and involves local wineries for wine tastings during the concerts (special jazz and wine edition).  He also loves wine and the extraordinary food and lifestyle of Puglia and he collaborates with YLTour in promoting the region as an emerging "wine travel destination."

Dr. Donato Taurino  – Agronomist, Vice President Confagricoltura Brindisi, Italy Program Management Team

Donato is a prominent olive producer with more than 25 years of experience in wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (E.V.O.O) production.  He also started his career as a child on the family farm in Squinzano and then went on to graduate from the University of Bari in 1998. His experience includes: Vice president in Cooperativa Agricola "La Squinzanese" from 1999-2001; advisor to Confcooperative from 2004; advisor to Apulian Confagricoltura from 2011; and President at BMTI ( Borsa Merci Telematica Italiana).  He is the Chief Executive of Azienda Agricola Taurino; the current president of Oleopuglia and also the current Vice President of Confagricoltura Brindisi. 

He and his family live in Squinzano among the olive groves and fully embrace the Pugliese lifestyle..    

Valentino Valzano   – - Agronomist, Field Technician, Sommelier.

Valentino is a well-respected agricultural field technician with more than 10 years of experience. He holds degrees from the University Aldo Moro in Bari and the University of Milan, where he also started teaching as a professor a in Evaluation Sciences and Rural Technologies. Valentino is well networked in both the agricultural and wine organizations of Puglia. He coordinated the 6th Census on Agriculture, he collaborates with the chamber of commerce in Brindisi, to control the D.O. of wines of the area, and is a consultant for other companies. He and his family live in Squinzano. He speaks english.

Croatia Program – Delivery Team

Robert Aronson – Croatian Region Manager
Robert is a well-respected marketing consultant with more than 40 years of experience in both America and Europe. He and his wife Natasha live in Split where he publishes Discover Split and four other English language newspapers, as well as providing consulting to various tourist boards and local agro-business producers and retailers (olive oil, honey and wine). While based in Russia for a decade, Robert designed and developed a volunteer program for Americans who spent the summer living and working in Russian orphanages. He is also a published children's book author and a life-long lover of fine foods and wines. Robert serves as the point person to coordinate E.V.E Abroad's operations in Croatia.

Paul Bradbury – Program Manager, Housing and Safety, Hvar
A former wine merchant from Manchester, England, Paul has lived on Hvar since 2003. Married to local girl Miranda and with 2 young children, Paul is the author of three books including the island's only guidebook, Hvar: An Insider's Guide, he also runs the islands biggest information portal,www.total-hvar.com. Passionate about wine and Plavac Mali in particular, he works closely with the Hvar Wine Association to promote the island's fascinating 2,400 year wine story.

Ivana Krstulović Carić – Academic Internship Program Advisor, Hvar
(1975.), dipl.ing.agr.- plant protection Head of marketing and sales, Vino-Hvar d.o.o., also known as Vina Carić (Carić Wines). President of Hvar Winemakers Association, where working on development of Wine tourism on Hvar Island. Together with Ante, she is an expert in agricultural training programs for adults. Her former experience was as a consultant in the agriculture and food industry (Food Safety, Quality Management, Organic Agriculture Inspection).

As the winemaker searched for the next bottle of Vista Hills Pinot Noir to pour in the tasting flight, she casually mentioned that the vineyard hosted 12 student interns. Exploring the Willamette Valley with friends in the Fall of 2010, I knew of the scenic views and delicious wines offered at Vista Hills treetop tasting room; what I didn't know is that the visit would change the focus of my life and career.


After 15 years of developing customized academic internship programs in major international cities (from London to Singapore) for dozens of universities, but always spending my holidays in the off-the-beaten-track wine regions of the world, in that moment in that tasting room, I decided that there was a way to combine my skills and passions into one amazing study abroad experience for students!


I've always found estates to be magical places of serenity and inspiration. Where art and science meet. Where the taste of the grape tells the history of the weather and the composition of the soil. A place where you close your eyes and employ your underutilized olfactories to detect real or imagined fragrances that reveal the secrets of the wine. I think I smell eucalyptus? Could that be? Let me smell again. No, it’s gone now. All thoughts recede as you allow yourself so completely to engage one of your senses.


As I learned more about the wine industry and its definition of “internship,” I discovered an opportunity existed to build academic internship or field studies programs for students. Fast forward and today we are partners with Fresno State, an extremely well-regarded university in the areas of viticulture, enology and agricultural business, and we have offered programs in Northern and Southern Italy and Spain. We have capabilities of expanding programs to Croatia and beyond!

I've designed these programs with my heart, the way a winemaker creates wine. Just like distressed grapes create the best wine, challenging academic internship programs create the most transformative value for students. Whether you love the program from the beginning or struggle with it all the way through, my hope is for your personal growth. I hope you evolve in your perceptions of our world. The world of business. The world of culture. And most of all, the world of You. I hope you expand your appreciation of languages, customs, cuisines, cultures, and, of course, the wines they have cultivated for centuries. Go. Expand your palate.