Competing for jobs in a global marketplace requires setting yourself apart. An E.V.E. Abroad program helps you distinguish yourself by deepening your understanding of another culture and region, as well as helping you develop the transferable skill of grounding business analysis and recommendations in a specific industry and cultural context. Students also simply learn the art of making wine!


The global wine industry (valued at more than $300 billion) offers the potential for both horizontal (discipline specific) and vertical (industry specific) learning. As an industry, global wine and other agricultural sectors offer a rich landscape of business challenges to be examined by students:

As an industry, global wine production offers a rich landscape of business challenges and diverse cross-disciplinary opportunities for student learning including:

- Large upfront capital investments

- Highly regulated production and distribution

- Difficult differentiation for branding, pricing and positioning

- Complicated dynamics common to family-owned businesses

- Weather-related challenges to the quality control of products

- Seasonal labor requirements and labor issues

- Quality vs. quantity and questions of scalability

- Packaging possibilities related to sustainability

- Strategic planning related to climate change

- Politics of international trade related to wine export opportunities

- EU policies and their impact on branding

- Politics of domestic agricultural policies regarding crop protection

As major international cities become more and more alike, rural settings, such as winemaking areas, have emerged as attractive venues for true cultural and linguistic learning. On your resume, international travel and internships or field study demonstrates an adventurous spirit and characterizes you as a seeker of new experiences – both of which position you as that unique candidate with a fuller, richer and more sophisticated profile.