Build a program


Build a program


Build a program


Administrators and professors can partner with E.V.E. Abroad to develop a customized study abroad program in Croatia in and around the city of Split and on the islands of Hvar and Bol. An example of a program would be one that examines the economics and politics of wine production as Croatia becomes integrated into the European Union.

Why Split?

Centered around the ancient Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian, Split is a dynamic city on the Adriatic that serves as a major transportation hub to nearby islands.

Why the Island of Hvar?

Hvar offers a full diversity of vineyards, from very steep, South-oriented vineyards, to flat land in the middle of an ancient Greek colony (agricultural site protected by UNESCO as the oldest continuously cultivated agricultural plain in the world). During an academic internship at wineries and at related wine and tourism industry organizations, the students will learn about multiple aspects of global business as it relates to this region.

What Are Examples of Appropriate Wine Industry Experiences?

• Viticulture students – examination of techniques of canopy and irrigation management, pest and disease control, general vineyard operations (NOTE: this is an academic, not harvest experience)
• Enology students – introduction to general winery operations and tasting room
• Other disciplines such as: Hospitality, Communications, Design and Business students – work hands on in the tasting room, event planning, marketing, web presence, social media, architectural and interior design, label design