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Build a program


Build a program


Administrators and professors can partner with E.V.E. Abroad to develop a customized study abroad program in wine producing regions of Italy (which is just about the entire country, of course!)

Why Italy?

Italy, responsible for about one third of the world’s global wine production, usually ranks in the top three wine exporters in the world (alternating with France and Spain). Each of Italy’s 23 regions grows grapes and reportedly the country cultivates more than a million vineyards across those regions. Italy is a fascinating place to base a program.

With global wine industry trends demonstrating Old World wines (European) losing ground to New World (non-European) wines; internal consumption down as Italy’s younger generation increasingly prefers spirits, and the still shaky general economic conditions resulting from the Global Financial Crisis, the stage is set for some creative new business strategies! Italian wineries are turning to wine, food and “agriturismo” as well as Internet and social media marketing to fight back. From a purely business standpoint (and really every other standpoint including history, food and culture), Italy a fascinating place to base a program.

What Are Examples of Appropriate Wine Industry Experiences?

• Viticulture students – examination of techniques of canopy and irrigation management, pest and disease control, general vineyard operations (NOTE: this is an academic, not harvest experience)
• Enology students – introduction to general winery operations and tasting room
• Other disciplines such as: Hospitality, Communications, Design and Business students – work hands on in the tasting room, event planning, marketing, web presence, social media, architectural and interior design, label design