Build a program


Build a program


Build a program

Administrators and professors can partner with E.V.E. Abroad to develop a customized study abroad program in wine producing regions of Spain (which is just about the entire country, of course!) An example of a program would be Global Wine & Food Exploration Summer Program in Spain.

Another example of a program would be one that compares and contrasts models used globally to meet seasonal labor requirements for harvest. This could include examining immigration policies, organized trade unions, cultural practices, and models for change.



Why Spain?

Spain continues to be the destination that best captures the hearts of study abroad students! The vibrant culture, welcoming people and opportunity to learn a language that upon return to the States provides a professional benefit (particularly in an agricultural business setting) makes it an attractive location to build a program.

From an industry perspective, Spain ranks closely with France and Italy as one of the top three wine exporting countries in the world. Those three countries combined account for 50 percent of the wine produced in the world! Spain also boasts the largest vineyard acreage in the world and offers a vast number of (more than 400) native varietals. This diversity (although much of the wines are produced from 20 varietals) means that Spanish wines can offer something for everyone, but they also face the branding challenges resulting from such diversity.

During the Blending & Branding Challenge  small teams of students, guided by a professional enologist, create their own wine blend designed for the U.S. market. Students develop a branding and marketing plan to support their bottled and labeled product, which will then be judged in a panel competition!

What Are Examples of Appropriate Wine Industry Experiences?


• Viticulture students – examination of techniques of canopy and irrigation management, pest and disease control, general vineyard operations
NOTE: this is an academic, not harvest experience) • Enology students – introduction to general winery operations and tasting room

• Other disciplines such as: Hospitality, Communications, Design and Business students – work hands on in the tasting room, event planning, marketing, web presence, social media, architectural and interior design, label design