"E.V.E. Abroad has been both professional and tireless in their approach to helping Fresno State develop really amazing programs for students.”

- Dr. James A. Kennedy, Former Professor & Chair, Department of Viticulture and Enology and Director,Viticulture and Enology Research Center Fresno State



"E.V.E. Abroad provides an organized, detail-oriented and creative program with a level of flexibility that comes with any study abroad curriculum.”

- Annette E. Levi , Ph.D. & Chair Department of Agricultural Business Fresno State



"E.V.E. Abroad provides students with the unique opportunity to gain international hands-on business experience, thus broadening their perspective of the dynamic global environment”

- Todd Lone, Ph.D. Faculty Department of Agricultural Business Fresno State



We work with professors and administrators to develop rigorous academic internship and field study programs offering transferable learning in the area of global business, as well as individualized internship or field studies placements with wineries or related wine, food or agricultural tourism industry organizations.

We consult with universities on the program's location, structure and academic component. We also identify and contract with local resources needed for effective program delivery, which include:

• Internship or field studies placement outreach
• Academic advisor outreach
• Program management and safety
• Student housing
• Local transportation
• Group orientation and cultural activities
• Individual student interviews and placement
• Academic support

Why Create an International Internship Program in the Global Wine Business?

• It's different! As major international cities become more and more alike, rural settings, such as winemaking areas, have emerged as attractive venues for true cultural and linguistic learning -- and they are often situated in some of the most spectacular regions of the world.

• The global wine industry offers a rich landscape of business challenges ripe for student learning including:


- Large upfront capital investments
- Highly regulated production and distribution
- Difficult differentiation for branding, pricing and positioning
- Complicated dynamics common to family-owned businesses
- Weather-related challenges to the quality control of products
- Seasonal labor requirements and labor issues
- Quality vs. quantity and questions of scalability
- Packaging possibilities related to sustainability
- Strategic planning related to climate change
- Politics of international trade related to wine export opportunities
- EU policies and their impact on branding
- Politics of domestic agricultural policies regarding crop protection


• Students can learn about global business through the prism of regional winemaking, but they also simply learn how to make wine (providing both horizontal and vertical learning opportunities).

• Learning is cross-disciplinary in nature to include majors such as: Agricultural Business, Enology, Viticulture, Hospitality, Communications, Design and Marketing.

• E.V.E. Abroad will help you design and implement the program, but the program developed belongs to and is branded by the university and the university grants academic credit for program and determines final costs to participants.

• Internships are designed to be both cross-disciplinary and project-driven resulting in a "deliverable" to the internship site.